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Unit arrived last week, well packaged, and in good working order. Will buy from you again!

- Miles C
Fresh Arrivals!

Lenovo Thinkpad T530 replacement keyboard keys now available.

Replacement Laptop Keyboard Keys

We've made it simple to replace those broken laptop keyboard keys on the cheap.

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Select your laptop or bluetooth keyboard model to view our selection of compatible keyboard keys, and free installation guides!


How Do You Choose the Correct Replacement Laptop Keyboard Keys?

Once you've read these instructions, you can select your laptop model from the dropdown box above. From there you'll have to make up to three choices:

Choosing the hinge mechanism for your laptop keyboard keys

Sometimes keyboards with the same part number have different hinge mechanisms under the keyboard keys. This means that you'll have to compare the hinges found under your broken key to all the available choices.

We've tried to make this step as easy as possible by taking lots of pictures of the hinges. We usually have pictures of the standard keyboard key hinges, as well as the smaller function key hinges and the larger hinges found under the shift and enter keys. If these pictures are available there will be a link that says "More pictures".

Once you've matched your hinge to one of the available hinge types, click on the "SELECT A KEY" link. If you're having trouble choosing the correct hinges, or if you just want to make sure you've got the right type, you can send us a picture to identify. Underneath the hinge choices for your laptop model there will be a link that says "UPLOAD A PHOTO!"

Read more: What is a Keyboard Key Hinge Type?

Adding the laptop keys you need to the cart

We've made this step very simple. You'll see a picture of a laptop keyboard. You can hover your mouse pointer over a key to see if we have it in stock. To add a keyboard key to your cart, simply click on the key that you need.

More About The Keys

Over the last several years we have built one of the largest collections of individual keyboard keys for sale in the world. We've identified over 40 unique types of hinge mechanisms, which clip the keys onto the keyboard. Combined with our custom key selection technology, you're sure to get a perfect replacement for your keyboard. No need to replace the entire keyboard in many cases- we've saved over forty thousand keyboards!

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2. Logitech Wireless K750
3. Logitech Wireless K800
4. Logitech Ultrathin IPAD
5. Lenovo Thinkpad TABLET 2
6. Lenovo Thinkpad R61
7. Lenovo Thinkpad T430
8. Logitech Wireless K520

Customer Gratitude

Thanks again for your service. My son said it would be impossible to find a replacement key/retainer clip/rubber button set for my Gateway laptop, and yet--there you guys are, making life better for the poor schmuck stuck with a broken keyboard.
- Joseph B

THANKS... You saved me $150.00 which is what the guy said it would cost to replace the whole keyboard since he said there was "NO SUCH THING" as replacing a single key on a laptop. We sure showed him!
- David R

Thanks for saving my BRAND NEW laptop. My dog dropped crumbs into the cracks between the arrow keys. I stupidly took the keys off to try and clean the keyboard, and broke both hinges trying to replace them. I have only had this laptop for one month. Instead of paying someone $75 to repair it, I was able to do it myself for $10!!!
- Carrie E

The keyboard key I purchased from you arrived today and was installed with no trouble. I just wanted to say thank you !!! It's great not to have to pay a fortune for something so simple.
- Cathy C

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!! I have searched high and low for a U key for my laptop, and have had no success in my city. When I tried to contact HP about getting a key for my Compaq Presario, they told me I'd have to send the laptop to them, and have the entire keyboard replaced. The cost to send it out there over a little key seemed pointless to me. Your price is much more reasonable!
- Megan C

Thank you so much for the helpful information on your website! A key on my HP laptop keyboard broke tonight and Best Buy's Geek Squad said I was going to have to pay $85 to send it in to HP to fix one key. I found your website and your replacement kit helped me fix my keyboard on my own! I will definitely remember your company for future computer repair concerns.
- Claire L

My dog decided to do a burn-out across my laptop and kicked a few keys loose. Thanks so much for the great close-up pictures and instructions to put them back in. You guys rock!
- Dan K

I wanted to tell you that I received my order quicker than I expected and had my laptop repaired within 5 minutes! I now have you in my favorites list and if I need anything else, you'll be the first place I check.
- Pat V

Thank you for helping me to get my computer back up to speed. Further, I want to thank you all for making the attempt to recycle computer parts rather than taking the easy way out and simply scrapping entire components. I don't consider myself "green", but I do consider myself frugal, and the idea of throwing out an entire keyboard to replace a single key seems ludicrous to me. Keep up the good work!
- James L

Thank you so much!!! The man at the computer store told me that they are not able to replace individual keys and that a new keyboard would cost me at least a hundred dollars!!! Not only was I able to replace the key with your product but it only cost me seven dollars! I will tell all my friends about this site and will definately use your services in the future if need be. Again, thanks!
- Lindsey L

What a lifesaver! My wife has been missing the 0 key ever since our 3 year old daughter got a hold of her Dell Inspiron. I'd been looking for a replacement key from Dell and finally ran across your site. The replacement packet was complete and your directions easy to follow. Please pass along our compliments on your site, products and service. I'll be recommending Machina to anyone who asks.
- Tony Y

Thank you so much!!! You are a life saver and I will pass the word on your exceptional quality, fast shipping and professionalism. I had searched the web for a long time before giving up on finding replacement keys. I had received absurd quotes on total keyboard replacement. I found all of the keys and was able to purchase just the ones I needed. Thank you so much!!
- Ashala Z

THANK YOU!! Your company saved me over $100 in repairs. I called Best Buy to have a key replaced and they said that it couldn't be done but I could order a whole new keyboard and they would replace it for $50. I found your company through a google search and saw that you DID carry replacement keys. I also ordered a replacement key for my older laptop. Now I have TWO functional computers for less than $20 including shipping, which by the way only took two days. Thanks so much for such a wonderful experience. I will definitely return and will definitely refer all my friends to you.
- Leigh M

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