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HP Pavilion ZE2000
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HP Pavilion ZE2000 DC Power Jack Board

DC Power Jack Board 382414-001
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Part Number: 382414-001


DC power input jack extender board. This part simply plugs into the motherboard, no soldering required.


This item is NEW.

Additional Product Details:

Alternate part number: 394300-001

Compatibility guaranteed.

30-day money back return policy & 90-day product warranty applies.

Compatible models include:

Compaq Presario M2000 series
Compaq Presario M2100
Compaq Presario M2101US
Compaq Presario M2105CA
Compaq Presario M2105US
Compaq Presario M2200
Compaq Presario M2201EA
Compaq Presario M2202AP
Compaq Presario M2203AP
Compaq Presario M2204AP
Compaq Presario M2205AP
Compaq Presario M2207AP
Compaq Presario M2207EA
Compaq Presario M2208AP
Compaq Presario M2209AP
Compaq Presario M2210AP
Compaq Presario M2211AP
Compaq Presario M2212AP
Compaq Presario M2213AP
Compaq Presario M2214AP
Compaq Presario M2216AP
Compaq Presario M2217AP
Compaq Presario M2218AP
Compaq Presario M2220AP
Compaq Presario M2221AP
Compaq Presario M2222AP
Compaq Presario M2241EA
Compaq Presario M2245EA
Compaq Presario M2299XX
Compaq Presario M2300
Compaq Presario M2301NR
Compaq Presario M2305NR
Compaq Presario M2310LA
Compaq Presario M2500
Compaq Presario M2500Z
HP Pavilion ZE2000 series
HP Pavilion ZE2000
HP Pavilion ZE2000T
HP Pavilion ZE2000Z
HP Pavilion ZE2008WM
HP Pavilion ZE2015US
HP Pavilion ZE2100
HP Pavilion ZE2108WM
HP Pavilion ZE2113US
HP Pavilion ZE2114US
HP Pavilion ZE2115US
HP Pavilion ZE2117US
HP Pavilion ZE2200
HP Pavilion ZE2200Z
HP Pavilion ZE2201EA
HP Pavilion ZE2202EA
HP Pavilion ZE2203AP
HP Pavilion ZE2203EA
HP Pavilion ZE2220LA
HP Pavilion ZE2223EA
HP Pavilion ZE2227EA
HP Pavilion ZE2228EA
HP Pavilion ZE2245EA
HP Pavilion ZE2274EA
HP Pavilion ZE2276EA
HP Pavilion ZE2288EA
HP Pavilion ZE2290EA
HP Pavilion ZE2297XX
HP Pavilion ZE2298XX
HP Pavilion ZE2300
HP Pavilion ZE2308WM
HP Pavilion ZE2309NR
HP Pavilion ZE2315US
HP Pavilion ZE2320LA
HP Pavilion ZE2400
HP Pavilion ZE2401XT
HP Pavilion ZE2420LA
HP Pavilion ZE2500
HP Pavilion ZE2500Z

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