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Gateway M465
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Gateway M465 6-Cell Li-Ion Battery

6-Cell Li-Ion Battery SQU-412 6-Cell Li-Ion Battery SQU-412
Price: $27.95 (USD)

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Model Number: SQU-412


Replacement lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack.


This item is NEW.

Additional Product Details:

Battery rating: 14.8V
Battery capacity: 5200mAh
Battery cells: 6-cell

Replaces battery models:
SQU-412, SQU-413, SQU-414, SQU-415

3S2P,MA1 4S2P, 2PA2BTLI602, 2MA7BTLI612, 2MA3BTLI603, QND1BTIZZZ00W8, QCD1BTIZZZTAV4, QND1BTIZZZTAV4, QND1BTIZZZTAW2, AHA842240a0, AHA63224A34, AHA63224819, AHA63224614, AHA63226064, QND1BT1ZZZTAV4, QND1BT1ZZZTAW2, QND1BTIZZZ00T5, QND1BTIZZZ00V0, QCD1BT1ZZZTAV4, QCD1BT1ZZZTAW2, QCD1BTIZZZTAV4, QCD1BTIZZZTAW2 103329, 103926, 106214, 106229, 106842, 106868, 1533557, 1533558, 6501097, 6500948, 6500949, 6500982, 6500996, 6MSB, 8MSB, 6MSBG, 8MSBG, 916-4060, 916C3350F, 916C3360F, 916C4720F, 916C4730F, 3UR18650F-2-QC-MA1, 3UR18650F-2-QC-MA6, 3RU18650F-2-QC-MA1/QC224, 4UR18650-2-QC-MA1

Compatibility guaranteed.

30-day money back return policy & 90-day product warranty applies.

Compatible models include:

Gateway 6000 series
Gateway 6010GZ
Gateway 6018GH
Gateway 6018GZ
Gateway 6020GZ
Gateway 6021GH
Gateway 6021GZ
Gateway 6023GP
Gateway M360 series
Gateway M360
Gateway M460 series
Gateway M460
Gateway M460E
Gateway M460S
Gateway M460X
Gateway M460XL
Gateway M465 series
Gateway M465-E
Gateway M465-G
Gateway M685 series
Gateway M685
Gateway ML6000 series
Gateway ML6714
Gateway ML6720
Gateway ML6721
Gateway ML6725
Gateway ML6732
Gateway MT3000 series
Gateway MT3418
Gateway MT6000 series
Gateway MT6017
Gateway MT6451
Gateway MT6452
Gateway MT6456
Gateway MT6457
Gateway MT6458
Gateway MT6459
Gateway MT6460
Gateway MT6700
Gateway MT6704
Gateway MT6704H
Gateway MT6705
Gateway MT6706
Gateway MT6707
Gateway MT6709
Gateway MT6709H
Gateway MT6711
Gateway MT6723
Gateway MT6724B
Gateway MT6728
Gateway MT6729
Gateway MT6730
Gateway MT6916
Gateway MT6919
Gateway MT6920
Gateway MX6000 series
Gateway MX6025
Gateway MX6027
Gateway MX6028
Gateway MX6030
Gateway MX6121
Gateway MX6123
Gateway MX6124
Gateway MX6124H
Gateway MX6128
Gateway MX6131
Gateway MX6135
Gateway MX6214
Gateway MX6420
Gateway MX6421
Gateway MX6423
Gateway MX6424
Gateway MX6425
Gateway MX6428
Gateway MX6436
Gateway MX6437
Gateway MX6438
Gateway MX6440
Gateway MX6442
Gateway MX6445
Gateway MX6450
Gateway MX6455
Gateway MX6625
Gateway MX6627
Gateway MX6629
Gateway MX6631
Gateway MX6633
Gateway MX6640
Gateway MX6641
Gateway MX6650
Gateway MX6708
Gateway MX6710
Gateway MX6750
Gateway MX6912
Gateway MX6951
Gateway MX6956
Gateway MX8000 series
Gateway MX8710
Gateway MX8711
Gateway MX8715
Gateway MX8734
Gateway MX8738
Gateway MX8739
Gateway MX8741
Gateway NX500 series
Gateway NX500X
Gateway NX550X
Gateway S-7500 series
Gateway S-7500N

Product ID: NL033081
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