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Dell Inspiron 1545
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Dell Inspiron 1545 6-Cell Li-Ion Battery

6-Cell Li-Ion Battery GW240 6-Cell Li-Ion Battery GW240
Price: $26.95 (USD)

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Model Number: GW240


Replacement 6-cell lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack.


This item is NEW.

Additional Product Details:

Power output: 11.1V
Capacity: 5200mAh, 41Wh

Compatible P / N: GP952,RU586,RN873,WK379,X284G,XR693,GW240,GW252,GW952,312-0625,
312-0626,312-0633,312-0634, 0C601H, 0D608H, 0GP952, 0GW240, 0GW252, 0RN873, 0RU586, 0WK379, 0X284G, 0XR693,0XR694, 0XR697, 312-0763, 312-0844,C601H, CR693, D608H, GP252, GW241, HP277, HP287, HP297, M911G, P505M, PD685, RN873, RU573, RU583, RU586, RW240, UK716, WK371, WK380, WK381, WP193, XR682, XR694, XR697, 0CR693, 0GP252, 0GW241, 0HP277, 0HP287, 0HP297, 0M911G, 0P505M, 0PD685, 0RU573, 0RU583, 0RW240, 0UK716, 0WK371, 0WK380, 0WK381, 0WP193, 0XR682,451-10478, 451-10528, 451-10533

Compatibility guaranteed.

30-day money back return policy & 90-day product warranty applies.

Compatible models include:

Dell Inspiron 1525 series
Dell Inspiron 1525
Dell Inspiron 1526 series
Dell Inspiron 1526
Dell Inspiron 1545 series
Dell Inspiron 1545

Product ID: NL032616
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