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Compaq Presario CQ56
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Compaq Presario CQ56 AC Power Adapter

AC Power Adapter PPP009L-S
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Model Number: PPP009L-S


Replacement 65-watt AC power adapter with smart-pin connector. Includes 3-prong grounded outlet cord.


This item is NEW.

Additional Product Details:

Power output: 18.5V, 3.5A, and 65W
Connector size: Internal Diameter 5.0mm, External Diameter 7.4mm, with central smart-pin inside
Replaces HP part numbers: 391172-001, 384019-003, 384019-001, 384019-002, 463958-001, 463552-003, 608425-001

Compatibility guaranteed.

30-day money back return policy & 90-day product warranty applies.

Compatible models include:

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Compaq Business 6510B
Compaq Business 6515 series
Compaq Business 6515B
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Laptop power adapters at Machina Electronics

We stock both original brand name power adapters, and OEM quality third party replacement chargers. Our third party adapters are of the highest standards and are made by the same manufacturers that produce brand name AC adapters.

When buying a replacement or spare power adapter, we recommend matching one of the part numbers on your original adapter. If this isn't possible, there are are a few things to do to make sure you're choosing the correct one for your laptop. You can usually look on the bottom of the laptop to view the required power. For example, it may say something like 19V 3.65A. So, the power output of the adapter should be the same voltage, 19 volts. The amperage should be equal to or greater than 3.65 amps of electrical current. The other important detail to verify is the diameter of the tip that plugs into the power jack on the laptop. If you don't have your original adapter this can be tough, but Machina Electronics has identified the correct adapter for thousands of laptop models.

The power output of power adapters is often described with watts, for example 65W. This is a general measure of how much power the adapter can safely supply. It is simply volts multiplied by amps. By matching the volts and amps for your laptop as described above, you would automatically get the right wattage. Generally the more watts a power adapter can supply, the bigger and heavier it needs to be. There's no harm in choosing an adapter that can supply extra amps (and therefore, more watts), but it may not be as portable as a less powerful adapter. At Machina Electronics any of the adapters listed for your laptop model are guaranteed to be a match, even if they have different wattages.

Laptop replacement parts like power adapters can go by many names. This can include: laptop charger, notebook charger, laptop power plug, AC adapter, wall adapter

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