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Asus G73 Keyboard

Keyboard NSK-UGC1D
Price: $27.95 (USD)

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Part Number: NSK-UGC1D


Original Asus keyboard, black with integrated numpad, US version. No backlight version.


This item is NEW.

Additional Product Details:

Alternate P / N: 04GNVL32KUI01-3, 0KN0-FN2UI03, 9J.N2J82.C1D, AEKJ3U00120
Replaces part numbers: 04GNVL3KUS003, 0KN0-EK3US03, 9J.N2.J82.K01

Compatibility guaranteed.

30-day money back return policy & 90-day product warranty applies.

Compatible models include:

Asus G51 series
Asus G51
Asus G60 series
Asus G60J
Asus G60JX
Asus G60VX
Asus G72GX series
Asus G72GX
Asus G73 series
Asus G73J
Asus G73JH
Asus G73JW
Asus G73S
Asus G73SW
Asus UX50 series
Asus UX50V
Asus UX50V-RMSX05
Asus UX50V-RX05

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When buying a replacement keyboard, we recommend matching one of the part numbers on the back of your original keyboard. Most keyboards will have several alternate part numbers and we will list them when we have confirmed the keyboards are interchangeable. If matching a part number isn't possible, Machina Electronics has identified the correct keyboard for thousands of laptop models, and any of the keyboards listed for your model are guaranteed to be an perfect replacement.

The keyboards we stock are OEM keyboards and are manufactured by the same factories that make the original keyboards for brand name laptops. All keyboards include the flexible ribbon cable to connect it to the motherboard. Some keyboards use screw posts on the back of the keyboard to secure it into place, and these need to match your original broken or faulty keyboard for the proper installation. Machina Electronics supplies keyboards that are an exact match for your model, and uses our direct exeperience opening and parting out laptops to surpass the competiton in knowledge and avoid costly mismatches.

Check out our guide on how to replace a laptop keyboard for more information.

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