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Gateway M280E Parts

We have 5 Gateway M280E series parts in stock.

Featured Item: Replacement Keyboard Keys
Replacement Keyboard Key Kit
Keyboard Key Kit
Price: $1.95 (USD)
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Cooling Fan & Heatsink Assembly (3CTA1TATA15) (NL021179)
Cooling Fan & Heatsink Assembly 3CTA1TATA15
Price: $35.00 (USD)
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Keyboard (K021346V1) (NL021185)
Keyboard K021346V1
Price: $21.00 (USD)
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14.0" LCD Flex Cable (DD0TA1LC007) (NL021183)
14.0" LCD Flex Cable DD0TA1LC007
Price: $26.00 (USD)
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LCD Inverter Board (AS023175181) (NL021100)
LCD Inverter Board AS023175181
Price: $27.00 (USD)
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Miscellaneous Parts
Media Button Sensor Board (34TA1SB0004) (NL021096)
Media Button Sensor Board 34TA1SB0004
Price: $23.00 (USD)
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90W Power Adapter (PPP014S-C) (NL035162)
90W Power Adapter PPP014S-C
Price: $19.95 (USD)
Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile T5500 CPU (SL9SH) (NL021083)
Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile T5500 CPU SL9SH
Price: $23.00 (USD)
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Intel Pentium M 740 CPU (SL7SA) (NL018245)
Intel Pentium M 740 CPU SL7SA
Price: $15.00 (USD)
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Pentium M 740 CPU (SL7SA) (NL021080)
Pentium M 740 CPU SL7SA
Price: $18.00 (USD)
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