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Compaq Presario A900 Parts

We have 8 Compaq Presario A900 series parts in stock.


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Featured Item: Replacement Keyboard Keys
Replacement Keyboard Key Kit
Keyboard Key Kit
Price: $2.95 (USD)
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External SATA Hard Drive Enclosure (LK-20523) (NL035110)
External SATA Hard Drive Enclosure LK-20523
Price: $15.95 (USD)
90W DC Power Jack & Cable (DC301002X00) (NL032076)
90W DC Power Jack & Cable DC301002X00
Price: $29.95 (USD)
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Hard Drive Bracket / Caddy (AM010000400) (NL021634)
Hard Drive Bracket / Caddy AM010000400
Price: $14.00 (USD)
Item Details >
Keyboard (462383-001) (NL015378)
Keyboard 462383-001
Price: $50.00 (USD)
Item Details >
LCD Inverter Board (PK070005O10) (NL033501)
LCD Inverter Board PK070005O10
Price: $18.95 (USD)
17" WXGA+ LCD Screen (B170PW06) (NL034353)
17" WXGA+ LCD Screen B170PW06
Price: $73.95 (USD)
Miscellaneous Parts
Heatsink Unit (AT029000100) (NL021635)
Heatsink Unit AT029000100
Price: $25.00 (USD)
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Internal Camera Unit (CK77) (NL014919)
Internal Camera Unit CK77
Price: $24.00 (USD)
Item Details >
USB Board w/ Cable (LS-3981P) (NL014920)
USB Board w/ Cable LS-3981P
Price: $23.00 (USD)
Item Details >
AC Power Adapter (PPP009L-H) (NL034956)
AC Power Adapter PPP009L-H
Price: $18.95 (USD)
Intel Pentium Dual-Core T2390 CPU (SLA4H) (NL014915)
Intel Pentium Dual-Core T2390 CPU SLA4H
Price: $49.00 (USD)
Item Details >
Rubber LCD Screw Covers (V6000-KIT) (NL028894)
Rubber LCD Screw Covers V6000-KIT
Price: $3.95 (USD)

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The laptop parts for sale above are a guaranteed replacement for this Compaq Presario model. Only parts currently available are shown, so not all possible repair parts may be listed. Be sure to check part numbers or details like screen size since Compaq laptops can use different parts within the same series.

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