How to Replace a Type K41 Keyboard Key

Replacing a Type K41 Keyboard Key

A Type K41 Keyboard Key Hinge

This video guide will show you how to install a type K41 keyboard key. This hinge type is found on these keyboards:

If you’ve purchased a replacement keyboard key kit from us, you’ll start with the key, a rubber spring, and a hinge.

First, hook the bottom of the inside hinge piece to the bottom two metal hooks in the space where the key goes. Then push down on the top corners of the hinge until it snaps on.

Set the rubber spring where it goes. Then set the key on top and push down to snap it on.

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  1. Linda McDermott says:

    Order M84757
    Perhaps because this was shipped in an envelope for $.68 instead of the $2.20 I was charged it arrived broken. Please send me another one with protective padding.

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