How to Replace a Type K40 Keyboard Key

A Type K40 Keyboard Key Hinge

A Type K40 Keyboard Key Hinge

This video guide will show you how to install a type K40 keyboard key. This hinge type is found on the Logitech Wireless K800 bluetooth keyboard.

Please note that some of the hinges on this keyboard are upside-down compared to what’s shown in the video. To make it easy to follow along, orient your keyboard so that the pair of plastic clips that is closer together is towards the top.

Keyboard Orientation

Keyboard Orientation

If you’ve purchased a replacement keyboard key kit from us, you’ll start with the key, a rubber spring, and a hinge.

First, hook the top of the inside hinge piece to the top two plastic pieces in the space where the key goes. Then push down on the bottom of the hinge until it snaps on.

Set the rubber spring where it goes. Then set the key on top and push down to snap it on.

6 Comments to “How to Replace a Type K40 Keyboard Key”

  1. Nice video! You have well described about how to replace a single key for laptop. Thanks for sharing this awesome content.

  2. Timothy O'Leary says:

    The new keypad and parts arrived very fast. Excellent.
    The video was very good. I was installing the shift key, and initially had the inside hinge 180 degrees wrong; I had top and bottom correct but but the video was encouraging and I got the idea and it fit right on.

  3. Andy Fornal says:

    The spacebar on my refurb’d Logitech K800 would not spring back. I found the rubber spring detached. I think I know how the bar goes back on, but how would I get the rubber spring to stay in position?

  4. dave says:

    Parts arrived as promised and on schedule, and they are the correct parts.

    This video is very good for a letter key, but what about specialty keys, eg Left Control vs Right Control? How to orient the hinge left vs right? Do you have any videos for those keys, that are duplicates on the left and right side of the keyboard?

  5. You can replace ALL laptop keyboard keys, whatever the model is. If the only reason why you need to replace the key is that it is broken, then you can simply buy replacement key and install it yourself.

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