How to Replace a Type K33 Keyboard Key

Replace a Type K33 Keyboard Key

Replace a Type K33 Keyboard Key

In this guide, you’ll see how to replace a type K33 keyboard key. This hinge type is used in the following models:

If you purchased a key kit from us, you’ll start with the key, a rubber spring, and the hinge. The first step is to hook the bottom inside hinge over the two metal tabs on the bottom of the space on your keyboard. To do this, open up the hinge and slide the bottom over the two tabs. Tilt the hinge a little bit and put the upper-left corner in. Then push to the left on the upper-right corner until it snaps in. All you need to do now is set the rubber spring in place and snap the key on. Then you’re done!

The colors in the video may differ for your model, or the hinge may be rotated from what you see in this video. That’s fine, what matters most is the shape of the hinge piece.

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    Need to know how to replace the Space bar key on Chromebook 303C12.

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