How to Replace a Type K25 Keyboard Key

This installation guide is for models using hinge type K25. This hinge type is used in the Apple MacBook 13.3″. Note that the same laptop model can have several different types of hinge mechanisms under the key. Some colors in the pictures may differ for your model. That is fine, what matters most is the shape of the hinge piece.

Step 1: Orient the hinges

The two plastic hinge mechanisms must be oriented as shown to fit into the base of the keyboard.

Step 2: Hook the hinge onto the base

Snap the plastic tabs on one hinge piece into the plastic socket on the base of the keyboard. In this example, the right hinge is being put into place first.

Step 3: Complete the hinge assembly

Repeat step 2 for the second plastic hinge piece, on the left side of the socket. The completed hinge assembly should look as shown. To fit the key on easily, try to make sure both hinges are moved in towards the center, all the way back into their sockets.

Step 4: Check the metal stabilizer bar

Each key on this type of keyboard has a metal bar under the key that provides additional support. The metal bar should be attached underneath the key as shown. It simply snaps onto the key.

Step 5: Clip the metal bar into place

Insert the ends of the metal bar into the lower outside notches in the keyboard socket.

Step 6: Place the rubber spring piece

If your keyboard is missing the rubber spring piece, place it in the center of the hinge assembly. It will be held in place by the surrounding key and hinge.

Step 7: Press the key into place

Align the key on top of its place on the keyboard, and press down evenly. All four corners of the key should click into place.

3 Comments to “How to Replace a Type K25 Keyboard Key”

  1. Meg Hansen says:

    Where is the backskpace key on my Apple Keyboard?

  2. hp support says:

    It really depends on the type of key and the keyboard. On most laptops, you can replace only the key. However, if the laptop is getting old, and the keyboard shows signs of wear, just replace the whole thing.

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