How to Replace a Type K20 Keyboard Key

This guide is for models using hinge type K20. This hinge type is used in the following models:

Some colors in the pictures may differ for your model. That is fine, what matters most is the shape of the hinge piece.

Step 1: Orient the hinge

The plastic hinge mechanism must be oriented as shown for it to fit onto the metal keyboard hooks.

Step 2: Hook the hinge onto the base

Hook the top edge of the hinge over the top two metal hooks on the base of the keyboard.

Step 3: Secure the hinge into place

Snap the bottom of the hinge into place, one side at a time. In this example, the bottom right side is being secured first. The bottom right and left sides of the plastic hinge should be clipped between the two metal notches protruding from the base of the keyboard on each side.

Step 4: Verify the hinge mechanism

You can now check that the hinge works by flexing it up and down; it should pivot easily at its axis. The hinge should look as shown in the picture above.

Step 5: Press the key into place

Align the key on top of its place on the keyboard, and press down evenly. All four corners of the key should click into place.

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