How to Replace a Type K11 Keyboard Key

This guide is for models that use the hinge type K11. This very common hinge type can be found on the following models:

Some colors in the pictures may differ for your model. That is fine, what matters most is the shape of the hinge piece.

Step 1: Orient the hinge

The plastic hinge mechanism must be oriented as shown for it to fit onto the metal keyboard hooks.

Step 2: Hook the hinge onto the base

Hook the inner bottom edge of the hinge under the bottom metal hook on the base of the keyboard.

Step 3: Secure the hinge into place

Snap the top of the hinge into place, one side at a time. In this example, the top right side is being secured first. The top right and left corners of the plastic hinge should be hooked under the metal hook protruding from the base of the keyboard on each side. You can now check that the hinge works by flexing it up and down; it should pivot easily at its axis.

Step 4: Press the key into place

Align the key on top of its place on the keyboard, and press down evenly. All four corners of the key should click into place.

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  1. poppy says:

    this is a brillient website and this page has helped me a few times now with some keys.

  2. derek says:

    hi, brilliant instructions,much appreciated, thanks, derek

  3. paul says:

    how do you replace the rubber spring because that is what is broken on my keyboard

  4. The hinge is very important for the laptop key as without this, key cannot be attached properly. Replacing a keyboard of the model that use hinge is a little bit difficult, but this article will be proved as a great guidance on how to replace the keyboard with hinge.

  5. The thing which is given her can be very useful for many users as it has helped to make the changes while doing tasks on my laptop. The main thing is that everyone has to know this if they face a similar problem

  6. It is coming with the ultimate solution regarding the replacing process of a type K11 keyboard. Users sometime may unable to so this kind of replace process. It will help them to solve their issues.

    How to Replace a Type K11 Keyboard Key

  7. Remove the old key without breaking the little levers/springs underneath it, and installing the new key usually requires pushing downwards and sliding it toward the front of the laptop in such a way that the key engages the little hooks on the levers/springs under it.

  8. Greg Lovern says:

    Thanks, this was exactly what I needed to put the backspace/pipe key back on my Dell Precision M6400; it had popped off.

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