A story about hard drives and gravity

A customer came into our office today looking for a way to hook up his old laptop hard drive to his new-ish Acer netbook.  I get the feeling he was visiting Chicago and staying in a hotel nearby, since he spoke little English and had the whole tourist look happening.

I was happy to show him one of our external laptop hard drive kits, and he was ecstatic.  I explained how all you do is plug the hard drive into the SATA connector, and plug the cable into the netbook by USB.  Well, he wants to try it out, and after a clumsy fiddling about he gets it all set up and working perfectly.  I can barely understand this guy, but he gladly pays the total, and is packing the hard drive into his bag, only–

It doesn’t go into his bag.

It falls 3 feet to the floor.

This is just never a good situation.  Especially for something as sensitive as a hard drive.  Still, it was in the little metal case the connection kit comes with, so I’m thinking maybe it’s fine.   The loud smack of it hitting the edge of my desk was probably more like a tap, slowing its decent.

A bit of muttering in his native tongue and he plugs it back in.  I can’t even see his screen but I hear the distinctive death buzz of a wee hard drive sent to the gallows before its time.  I don’t know what kind of files this guy has on this hard drive but they’re as good as gone now.  It’s pretty awkward having someone break something fragile right in front of you.  He didn’t seem like he wanted a refund, but it just goes to show you that you can’t be too careful with one of the most sensitive parts from your computer.


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