Switching a Bronze DV7 Keyboard for Silver

A common question we get from our customers in regards to HP Pavilion DV 7 keyboard replacements is “Can I replace my bronze keyboard with the espresso black keyboard?”. Unfortunately, the answer is “no”.

Even though the two keyboards look identical to each other, a look at the underside reveals that the screw posts are completely different.

The espresso black keyboard is only compatible with DV7 or DV7T-2000 on up to the DV7-3188CL. The bronze version is compatible with all models in the DV7-1xxx series.

For those of you who do not like the bronze keyboard or find it hard to read there is a solution. The DV7 also came in silver and the silver keyboard is fully compatible with models using the bronze keyboard.


DV7 Keyboard Backs

DV7 Keyboard Backs

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