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Switching a Bronze DV7 Keyboard for Silver

DV7 Keyboard Backs

A common question we get from our customers in regards to HP Pavilion DV 7 keyboard replacements is “Can I replace my bronze keyboard with the espresso black keyboard?”. Unfortunately, the answer is “no”. Even though the two keyboards look identical to each other, a look at the underside reveals that the screw posts are […]

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A Guide to Mini-PCI Laptop Wireless Cards

Wireless Cards Side by Side

A comparison of the three current standards for laptops and notebooks This is just a brief overview of the differences between the three major types of internal wireless (WLAN) adapters found in modern laptops. We won’t get into details like different chipsets or connection speeds, just the physical differences in form factor.

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Troubleshooting LCD Inverter Replacements


The LCD power inverter increases the voltage to the backlight so it illuminates brightly. Inverters tend to fail more often than any other part of the LCD assembly. Luckily they are one of the cheapest and easiest parts of the LCD assembly to replace. Since it is the easiest we always recommend you start by testing/troubleshooting the inverter. This article will aim to help you identify if you have a bad inverter and hopefully correct problems that may arise after you have attempted to replace the inverter in your laptop.

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